Q: Is there a start up cost?

No start up cost, but minimum cost for our services.

Q: Is there a monthly minimum amount?

There is no monthly cost. There is no other extra fee involved. We charge based on the collection from the insurance companies.

Q: What is my payment option?

Our preferable mode of payment is by EFT/Check. For any further details you can contact our sales personnel @ 1-855-890-5903

Q: Do you really have the long term viability?

Yes we do. We as a company are free of debts. We make sure all our contracts and agreements are duly signed.

Q: Do you possess the required infrastructure to handle my business processes?

Yes, we do have the necessary infrastructure that can support your business ventures. We are well equipped with a leased line of Internet that has vast bandwidth connections.

Q: What is the minimum educational qualification of your employees?

All the employees are graduates. For projects like Knowledge Process Outsourcing which requires much skill, we recruit people who hold a Masters in educational streams like Business Administration, Engineering, Statics, Finance, English literature, communication and Research.

Q: Will it be cost effective, if outsourcing is done to your company?

We offer only cost effective service. We reduce the expenditure in the customer's capital budget to a great extent. You would save a high percentage in reduction in costs and in turn generate high revenue with our efficient workflow processes.

Q: How can I make sure that my data is fully protected?

To make sure safety and security all our systems and e-mails are protected with passwords. A non- disclosure agreement will be duly signed by us with the customer. Our premises are completely installed with surveillance cameras. For inbound and outbound security, we have the firewalls/VPN (Virtual Private Network) facility. We are completely paperless, absence of external storage devices like floppy/CD drives USB ports in the Systems and HIPAA Compliance is strictly followed.

Q: How can I sign up a contract with you?

You can fax us a signed copy with all your complete format particulars. Also you can mail us your copy order attached along with your email signature.

Q: Do you provide patient billing services?

Yes, our services are inclusive of patient billing as well. We send out patient statements and follow- up consistently.

Q: Can I have a single point of contact?

Every client of ours is assigned a billing manager to handle their account. Just give us a call @ 1-855-890-5903 to know more about our services.

Q: How much does your service cost?

Our service cost is based on your business needs. We have collection percentage model, FTE model, Transactions pricing model and blend model. Give us a call @ 1-855-890-5903 to know about our medical billing services and benefits of our services.